A Paragon popcorn popper is simply the best popcorn maker on the market today. Our popcorn poppers produce delicious, movie theater-quality popcorn every time, eliminating the hassles of burned popcorn, poor popcorn quality and inconsistent popcorn volume. 

If you're looking for the latest details on the best commercial popcorn machines in the marketplace then, hopefully the following information will give you the required assistance.

In order to make great popcorn it is an essential requirement to invest in the right tools. There are a wide and varied selection of equipment which can help in achieving this aim, but it can be an arduous task in finding the right machine to match most of your requirements.

What are the best buy popcorn machines in the market?

There are quite a few impressive machines which will give you delicious tasting popcorn, but the name Paragon is the stand out manufacturer and they are a company synonymous for quality.

1911 Popcorn Maker – These are nostalgic pieces of equipment and a nice trip down memory lane. They give the user that old look, but with newer innovations and produce delicious popcorn every time. The price range for these items range from approximately $875. for the 4oz model up to $1275. for the 8oz machine.

Thrifty Popcorn Machines – This type of commercial machine offers the user that more traditional look and a familiar theme that you may find in leisure parks or amusement arcades. These items pop beautiful tasting popcorn every time and prices range from $1300 to $2500 for the bigger and more commercial type of machine.

Popcorn Warmer Maker – These types give the user a more fun and modern look and you would normally find these items in places like bars and fun parks throughout the world. The popcorn produced from these items is very tasty indeed and prices range from around $1150 - $1800 mark.

There are other and more traditional popcorn machines which include the  popular Kettle Korn model and is a widely popular choice with customers across the globe. You can also add to the effect of your machine with a small selection of authentic stands and merchandising trolleys to suit.

Paragon is a legendary name in the commercial popcorn business and if you're serious about making delicious popcorn every time then, this is a name to seriously consider.   

* 3 years limited warranty

  1 year labour / 3 years parts