Snow Cone Machines Australia

Are you looking for relevant information on snow cone machines? Well hopefully the following details will point you in the right direction.

In order to make the perfect snoopy snow cone you need the right equipment to help  you achieve your goals. It's alright having items including ice, cups, holders and concentrated syrup, but if you don't have the right tools for the job then, the end results are not likely to be good.

So how do I rectify this potential problem?

Making a solid investment in the right type of machine will give you the results you require. The Paragon name is second to none in this type of business for it's top quality snow cone machines. They are durable and made from aluminium and stainless steel all with powerful motors. They are all specifically made with the user in mind and offer good lighting and signage and are easy to clean for the minimum amount of fuss. The company have a good range of these products and prices normally range from $1630.- $2014.

What type of models are available to buy?

Paragon have an impressive list of models to suit each users requirement.

The Arctic Blast – This is a quality snoopy Paragon sno cone machine that offers the user a hassle free experience. It's heavy duty construction and slidable plastic ice tub take the hard work away from producing the perfect sno cone.
Sno - cone cart – It offers the user a more portable experience with it's lightweight construction. It is very well designed and easy product to clean.
The Blizzard – With this product you can enjoy a superb ice cone every time with it's superb design. It has a removable plastic tray and an impressive fluorescent light to help attract customers.   

There are quite a few excellent reasons why you would want to deal with a company like Paragon when it comes to sno cone machines and related items including carts for merchandising and better mobility. Each machine they produce is made to the highest standard and they are all designed in making the job easier of producing the perfect snoopy snow cone time and again without the unwanted hard work.


* 3 years limited warranty

  1 year labour / 3 years parts