We are Australian suppliers of the best commercial grade cold drink juice dispensers, unique Cocktail maker / slushy machines, the best quality commercial popcorn makers and popcorn warmers, durable fairy floss sugar candy and industrial snow-cones machines.

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  • Dimension: H:850 x W:1150 x D:510 mm Weight: 63kg Cyclone FAIRY FLOSS cart with powder coat paint finish.
    $1,400.00 $1,460.00
    QTY: -
  • Custom designed for Paragon sno-cone machines . Sno cone carts are finished with powder-coat paint that resists chipping. Sno cone Carts have a storage area and are easy to break down for storage and transportation.
    $1,005.00 $1,238.00
    QTY: -
  • Dimension: H:730 x W:380 x D:380 mm Weight: 56kg Large popcorn or nacho warmer.
    $1,145.00 $1,367.00
    QTY: -
  • Dimension: Height:600 x Width:410 x Lenght: 355 mm Weight: 55kg Paragon Blizzard Sno-Cone Machine features: The Blizzard was designed for the concessionaire who needs fast production and high visibility. We use the same heavy-duty motor Heavy-dut
    $1,790.00 $2,095.00
    QTY: -
  • Bowls: 2 Capacity: 24 Litres  (2 x 12 liter bowl ) Dimension: H:670 x W:335 x D:460 mm Weight: 28kg Non pulp beverages  cold drink dispenser features : Compact design Paddle mixing system Easy fill Easy removable drip tray Suit
    $1,860.00 $2,196.00
    QTY: -
  • 12oz pop corn maker Brand: Paragon 221 x 1oz serves p/h High output, hard coat anodized aluminum kettel Diamensions: W: 616  D: 495  H: 927 Maade in USA
    $2,440.00 $3,215.00
    QTY: -
  • Dimension: H:610 x W:460 x D:460 mm Weight: 46kg Popcorn machines features : The antique styling of the 1911 originals is similar to the popcorn machine used by american street vendors almost 100 years ago. These models pair old-fashioned popcorn mac
  • Bowls: 1 Capacity: 12 Litres Dimension: H:620 x W:190 x D:385 mm Weight: 20kg The Starfresh cold juice drink dispensers series are able to adapt to different mixing requirements using the appropriate solution. This mixing occurs either by a low speed sti
    $1,415.00 $1,716.00
    QTY: -
  • Bowls: 2 Capacity: 24 Litres Dimension: H:840 x W:400 x D:480 mm Weight: 58kg machines from Promek- Italy  Slushie machine features : slushie machine with side, rear and front panel in stainless steel full access to the components for qui
    $3,880.00 $4,213.00
    QTY: -
  • Dimension: H:650 x W:300 x D:380 mm Weight: 3kg Small popcorn warmer W100E
    $860.00 $1,001.00
    QTY: -
  • Dimension: W-460 x H-590 x L-750 Weight: 51kg Paragon’s thrifty Popcorn machine  is priced affordably so you can offer customers quick, ready-in-minutes popcorn at a highly-profitable price point. Improved glass panels and a high-output.
    $1,125.00 $1,446.00
    QTY: -
  • Bowls: 1 Capacity: 12 Litres Dimension: H:670 x W:180 x D:460 mm Weight: 19kg cold drink dispenser features : Compact design Paddle mixing system Easy fill Easy removable drip tray Suitable for juice containing pulp The cold drink disp
    $1,425.00 $1,720.00
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We sell machines from Promek- Italy  a leading manufacturer of industrial grade cold drink dispensers and cocktail /slushie machines to hospitality businesses in Australia.

Our second supplier, Paragon –USA,  designs,manufactures and assembles machines in the USA. Paragon makes the best Commercial popcorn machines, industrial fairy floss machines and snow-cone machines which are distributed throughout Australia and globally .

Each one of these machines is commercial grade and has capabilities that reach far beyond anyone’s expectations including the best quality, strong durability, function and price.  The Snow-Cones machine operates with the most powerful motor, the Fairy Floss maker machine features durable tubular heating elements and spinning heads. The Popcorn maker provides appetising, delicious cinema quality poppercorn.
The strength and solidly built machines will give your business a great return on investment (ROI). Our state of the art products ensure durability, a long warranty and a full range of spare parts from our warehouse.

*All our machines have a full warranty and spare parts support.

We look forward to serving you and your business with our long lasting quality products, with our committed, reliable and trusted team.

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