Thrifty Popcorn Machine Series  for sale with warranty

If you have a large party at your office, or you even like to throw different events as a party planner for kid’s parties, then you should look into investing in a popcorn machine for all of your needs. Believe it or not, many people will reach for popcorn if it is available rather than eating chips or candy. Many popcorn makers are easy to clean, convenient in size, and also able to pop your popcorn in a timely manner. Popcorn machine sales have been steady over the past few years, and you do not need to spend a lot of money just to have a high quality machine. Here are some features that these popcorn machines have, and in the end you will know why it is important to invest in a popcorn maker.

One of the most popular popcorn makers that are sold the most is called the Theatre Series commercial Popcorn Machine. This popcorn maker is made with quality items such as aluminum from the United States, and they are very convenient wherever you decide to take this popcorn machine. The Theatre Series Popcorn Machine is also made with tempered glass, so you will not have to worry about children breaking the machine or even damaging the machine from the heat within the kettle. This popcorn machine has a kettle inside that is easy to clean, and you can cook your popcorn within a few minutes. There is also a warming deck that keeps the popcorn warm after it has been popped, and the heat lamp itself is shatterproof, which keeps your customers safe and happy. The commercial popcorn machines have a long warranty, which can last up to 3 years. It is best to purchase a popcorn maker that has an extended warranty because you never know when your machine may have a malfunction in it and it needs to be repaired. Overall, these machines are worth every penny, and you will always be the life of the party when you bring your popcorn machine to different events.

The cost for a popcorn maker can range around $1250. There are different sizes with these popcorn machines so the prices may vary. No matter what the size of the machine is, you will always receive a warranty on these wonderful popcorn makers. Having a popcorn machine at one of your events will always be fun. You can create healthy snacks for your guests, they will always be excited when a popcorn machine is around, and you can enjoy this machine for a very long time.

* 3 years limited warranty

  1 year labour / 3 years parts