Slushie Machines / cocktail machine Guide

Have you ever wanted a machine that can produce the perfect ice cold cocktail on those red hot days? That is now possible when you get the name Promek on any of your commercial slush machines.

This company are well established and have been at the cutting edge of innovative machinery for over 40 years and certainly know a thing or two when it comes to producing items that can give you the desired results.

Promek are the market leader and manufacture two types of slushie machines – the Penguin and the Polar series and there variety of products give you the perfect and affordable solution for the perfect drink?

What type of items are available from this business?

The Penguin series has the choice of either a single, twin or triple tank product with an impressive 12 litre bowl for each unit. They all have slush dispensers enabling you to cope with high volumes, offer an easy and hassle free cleaning process and are made to a high standard using quality European designs.

The Polar type of slushie machine offers the user a single or twin compressor type of commercial machine and comes with a 8 litre bowl for each unit. These products give you an attractive fountain type style of pouring method, are very easy to clean and maintain and are made using excellent European design technology.

Both of these types of slush machines are commercialy viable and the returns can be superb. You would expect to pay in the region of $2,625 for a single unit SP-1 Penguin machine, $4,350 for the twin SP-2 and $5,900 for a triple SP-3 unit Penguin item. 

You will always feel secure when you purchase a Promek product, as all of their machines come with a one year labour warranty and three year parts warranty giving you that extra bit of reassurance and you can also get an extensive range of suppllies including syrups and cups enabling you to make that perfect drink.